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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Remember the very last post? remember "penyu"? the boy on the pict is him. according to the title of the post we've already been us. Start on April 14th,till dont know when. he's really different, and he really something. so much i want to tell but he's kinda undescribeable. he's like my bestf but also my lover. he's all in one. All that i need

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

senior high story :D

hey, gotta lot of story then!
im just broke up be honest with adtyptr-_- not recently bcs its already two months i think. now im on my way to forget him. lucky me, i met a boy jst call him Penyu :3 he is so nice, he is cute and he is jst like a panda or teddy :3 it was like i start to like him, dunno jst a feelin but just then i talk to him and i feelin so nervous.. even i meet a lot of boys dunno why when i start to like someone its just like the first time to me, i always dunno what to do, 5 times is not a less number rght? but you knw there's a view boys that im dated wth jst only bcs im afraid to ignore them._. be honest Penyu is my moodbooster now, he is so cheer me up, he make me forgot about adt. i was so thankful to him, and Allah bcs he let me to meet him. i dunno me and him will end up on which way? but im jst hoping for the best. wish me luck :3


hey lovely readers, have to post this ASAP doh. please dont read my oldest posts cause it is so embarassing-_____- dont want to delete it too because you know its awkward but cute haha xD


Bonjourr!!!! it's kinda long since our last meeting blog! so miss ya..
well i'm a senior high student already :3
TO ALL READERS!! this blog owner, WAS a kpopers. but no longer.. so to readers sorry if all of my post look awkward-..-
Lets continue, blogging :3


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