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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

senior high story :D

hey, gotta lot of story then!
im just broke up be honest with adtyptr-_- not recently bcs its already two months i think. now im on my way to forget him. lucky me, i met a boy jst call him Penyu :3 he is so nice, he is cute and he is jst like a panda or teddy :3 it was like i start to like him, dunno jst a feelin but just then i talk to him and i feelin so nervous.. even i meet a lot of boys dunno why when i start to like someone its just like the first time to me, i always dunno what to do, 5 times is not a less number rght? but you knw there's a view boys that im dated wth jst only bcs im afraid to ignore them._. be honest Penyu is my moodbooster now, he is so cheer me up, he make me forgot about adt. i was so thankful to him, and Allah bcs he let me to meet him. i dunno me and him will end up on which way? but im jst hoping for the best. wish me luck :3

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